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Stepping on the flagstone road of the old street, I saw the mottled pink walls and black tiles, the clouds carrying rain, the waves facing the wind, and Zhujiajiao, a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. Only by taking a boat ride, watching the prosperity on both sides, and walking along the old street, can I really fully understand the charm of Zhujiajiao, a water town in the south of the Yangtze River.

Price list
Line(One way fee, up to six passengers per ship):

【Kezhi Garden Wharf】
ALine:200.00/Per(6 passengers only) Kezhi Garden→North Street→City God Temple;
BLine:200.00/Per(6 passengers only) Kezhi Garden→Fangsheng Bridge→North Street;
CLine:300.00/Per(6 passengers only) Kezhi Garden→Fangsheng Bridge→North Street→City God Temple;
【City God Temple Wharf】
ALine:200.00/Per(6 passengers only) City God Temple→North Street→Kezhi Garden;
BLine:200.00/Per(6 passengers only) City God Temple→Fangsheng Bridge→v;
CLine:300.00/Per(6 passengers only) City God Temple→North Street→Fangsheng Bridge→Kezhi Garden;
【North Street Wharf】
ALine:200.00/Per(6 passengers only)North Street→Fangsheng Bridge→Kezhi Garden;
BLine:200.00/Per(6 passengers only)North Street→Fangsheng Bridge→City God Temple;
CLine:300.00/Per(6 passengers only)North Street→Fangsheng Bridge→Kezhi Garden(City God Temple)→City God Temple(Kezhi Garden);
The above routes are one-way, and 100 yuan/ship will be added for returning to the departure dock. All cruise fares are inclusive of insurance.

Wharf:North Street Wharf(北大街228号)、Kezhi Garden Wharf、City God Temple Wharf
Service Time:8:30-16:00
Service hotline:021-59249131


Shanghai Zhuxi Water Tourism Co., Ltd. is located at the north bank of Fangsheng Bridge, No. 60, Dongjing Street, Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District. The main business of the company is the water tourism and sightseeing passenger transport of Dianshan Lake. The tourist route passes through Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, New Town and Oriental Green Boat. Dianshan Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Shanghai, with an area of 62 square kilometers. Along the way, you can enjoy the original scenery of both banks, unique bridges and ancient buildings, as well as wild birds such as ducks and egrets, and directly reach the vast Dianshan Lake.

Price list

Dianshan Lake01 客 60.00/Per  crew 40 1 hour round trip
Dianshan Lake02 600.00/voyage number  crew 9 30 minutes round trip
Dianshan Lake03 400.00/voyage number  crew 5 30 minutes round trip

Wharf:60 Dongjing Street(东井街60号)
Service Time:8:30-16:30
Service hotline:021-59230975