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自然农法种植 蓝莓采摘季

每年5月下旬至7月末,是蓝莓成熟采摘的季节。近日,位于青浦区朱家角镇的浦江蓝蓝莓园,迎来首次采摘季,走进园区,枝繁叶茂,果实争妍,鸟吟虫鸣,生机盎然。许多慕名而来的游客在此采摘尝鲜。   在上海做蓝莓多年,浦江蓝蓝莓园始终秉承农人父母心的理念,自然农法、生态种植,有机培肥、科学监控,人工锄草、产量限定。在国家一级土壤、一级水源地的黄浦江上游种植出了一级的健康美味的优质蓝莓。   .. read more

Tour Boats Routes and Prices
We have four lines for you.

Short Route: 60 Yuan
Long Route: 120 Yuan
Maximum: 6 persons
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The type of travel Tickets
Line 1:New tour of the water town
Contains 9 attractions Price(RMB):80.00 Yuan / Person
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Line 2:New tour of the water town
Contains 8 attractions Price(RMB):60.00 Yuan / Person
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Line 3:Folk Custom Tourism
Contains 4 attractions Price(RMB):30.00 Yuan / Person
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Where to buy tickets?
You have two choices,ticket business purchase and online purchase.Online purchase isLess expensive to purchase.
Ticket business address:164# XinfengRoad(新风路) Zhujiajiao Town.Both cash and charge are acceptable.

Anttention:Ticket could't return back or change affter it sold.

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