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North Street

2012-03-24 Zhujiajiao

Great North Street

North Street
The North Street has a history of more than 400 years, known as "the NO.1 street in Shanghai during the Ming and Qing Dynasties". The street is actually not wide, only 3-4 meters. Most of the buildings along the two sides of the street are with two-stories in the Ming and Qing style . They open shops on the first floor and live on the second. Residents on the second floor can talk to neighbors across the street and hand over goods to each other. This ancient street was built along the river, winding in an "s" shape. No matter where you stand, you will not be able to see the views beyond 50 meters as they are blocked by those houses, giving us a deep and unpredictable feeling. In the past, the North Street was known as "three miles long street with thousands of shops". Now most of them have been replaced by souvenir stores, but there are still century old brands such as "Han Dalong sauce and pickle shop" and "the NO.1 tea house in this area ", witnessing the past prosperity of the ancient town.

Post Office of Daqing Dynasty
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